Thursday, January 29, 2009


Abandoned this blog for quiet some time cuz i went back to miri for a short holiday to take a break and also to have a taste for some cny mood. And now that im back here working guessed its time for me to back my ass back and do some bloggin as~i will have plenty of time to blog when im here~Still the same old me still dunno what else to blog about just log on to do some explaination and spare me some time to think of things to blog. Im reading my dearest fren de blog hard to find something to blog about. Stay tuned~!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aquarius Man=lace

Hot-hearted man who likes to do thing his way. He can suddenly decide to do
something without thinking of it's outcome. He is the type of guy with an
inside energizer, so if you fall in love with this type of guy be "patient",
even if you have to follow him a bit. His creative mind could create
fantastic idea any time. If you do not understand or can not follow him, you
won't be with him for long.

A man in this Zodiac will less likely to have a pale skin, and if he has a
scar, it would be on his face or on his head. He moves very fast and very
energetic, and he has a very self confident in himself. He is not the type
to sit down and feel sorry or regret anything for long, especially with
"Love". He loves justice. He dares to show his opinion or even argue about
certain subject even he knows it might bring him problems. A straight
forward type of guy.

He hardly lies except if he think it is necessary and he is not a good liar
anyway. He will not lie to you about serious matter, but if he lie he will
lie only a small little thing. He is gifted with the ability to be a very
social person. He could talk even about subject that he has no knowledge of.
He interests only at the present time and look at the world positively. Many
times he feels hurt because of reality, but he will not run away and he will
overcome that difficulty.

Even he is a high and self confident type and center his own thought as a
main focus, but at the same time he is a kind, cute and polite guy. He
certainly is not a mean person. He likes to help people who are in troubles
even he is not asked to. He is the type who feels sorry if you remember bad
things he said to you that he had already forgotten,but you did not. Belief
him that he is very sorry and give him another chance.

Once he decides to do something, he will put all his mind and energy in it
either in his "Work", or "Love". He is the type who gamble anything in the
casino, so do not even take him there. He does not like pessimistic, low
energy, and depress person, especially no brain. Strangely he like to
overpowered this type of people to assure that he is more superior.

He like to be the first person to do something. You can see sparkling in his
eyes, once he meet a new target or new lover. Once he is in love, he will
act as if he never has love like this before. This minute he could be real
sugar sweet, and later he could also be an icy cold, but do not blame him
for that will only chase him away. He could fall in love again with another
girl and act again like he never has this kind of love before.He could
really love someone, but not a heart broken type for he thinks love is
"excitement" and "Love goes on".

If you date this kind of guy, do not or avoid showing your face to him with
face pack, face mask, always be presentable, nice and cute. If he is quiet
not because he is shy, but he is only quietly thinking. If you have a chance
to ask his X-girlfriend, she will tell you that he is not a shy or quiet
type. If he is really and truly in love with you, he will never lie to you
at all. How do you know if he loves you, bet on your faith! Love him and
treat him steadily and do not try to find anything to argue with him, he
will be with you for sure.

If you are his lover or girlfriend and need to tell him something, go and
say it out loud and straight forward because he hate long boring story. He
hate to play games, chasing for love or being chased, so let him call you
first. He likes a confident woman who also a good follower. If he gets mad
at you, let him be for only a short time he will be normal again. You have
to like and be able to get along with his friends, but he does not have to
do so with all your friends.

Don't ever think you could make him jealous by flirting with other man, he
will just leave instead of making a scene because he is a confident man and
has to be the first in everything.

So far how true is this fact it still remain doubtful, anyway let u all judge lor~HaHa Gotta do self evaluatiion tonite to see how true it is.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Human's Unlimited Needs,wants, and Desire

One of the theory of life i learnt after 3 months of working life. Sitting in front of the computer during duty hours, Doing self evaluation session as said by jasmine. Jasmine~!Finally i listen to wat u said always do self evaluation. Suddenly this topic come into my mind and its something about human's unlimited wants. What came into my mind is y issit humans wants cannot be fully satisfied? There is always more and more after u achieved wat u have planned. Is there any end? One of the real experience that i can share wth u all will be 1 of my own experience and wat makes me thinks like tat. This is how it goes:
Thinking back the time when i was studying, My dad gave me few hundred bucks per months and my life was like perfect everything was good no worries got money life was like WoW~Life is good~
Till nw ive starting to earn money, it seems to be far more better as the salary i receive is like many times more comparing to what my daddy use to give me as pocket money but it seems i dun have the feeling of feeling great cuz of earning more than wat i used to take as pocket money but another weird question pop up of my mind and recently ive been thinking of this question throughly and hopping any1 out there can clear it out for me.
Based on the situation that im experiencing, i started to think that how much does a person need to earn per month and that person can say its enough?
To me i think that no matter how much u earn per month its still not enough for u
How come last time my daddy give me few hundred bucks as pocket money i felt its not enough
But now i still feel its not enough?
Does that means although i earn 10k per month i will also feel its not enough?
Haha~well its up to u all readers~Clear it out for me
It seems there lots more to learn in this circle of life this is just the starting and only 1 of the theory among millions of theory.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Year 2009 All Hail Yeah~!FOr Lap Tops~! I love Lap Top~(Specially my lap top)

Randomly read about the this article talking a bout its the end of desktop age and the starting of new era of lap top that i personally felt that its damn rite and currently im very in love wth the new lap top that i just bought. And i think starting from this lap top i think i wont be considering buy any desktop anymore at least at this moment. Wo shi Guo tou ter love wo de lap top guo liaw tou ah~! Hmmph just sharing some of my feeling and thought after reading bout that article. For more info or detail report on this topic pls go to to read it urself. Tata till next post my fren~

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year of 2009

Dear all frens,
Im still lazy to blog till today since last i blogged about anything. Logged in today just to say hi and asking all u all to wait for further posting. Suddenly felt that i shud be responsible for my readers. Haha~ Randomz~Rite? Still need to ask u all to stay tune for the xmas post~Haha

In the new year of 2009 I Hope:
Daddy- Healthy always And all the best to come in the new year~!
Mommy- Healthy always and hope she can see broken a bit on the sad things happened in year 2008. Cuz Life is always better~!@
Leng Lui mui- Hope she is happy wth the end of year trip, the new bag(New LV),Another bag(2nd hand gucci) that i owed her(Lols), Hope she is healthy always and all the best for her studies~u owe me 1 graduation to attend~wuakaka.Btw how my LV looks like then?
Dear Frens
Nic-happier life and healthy forever(wished her happy happy happy always)Hope to see her soon(I also wish she can put down all the sad happenings that happened to her in the year 2008 and look forward to the new year as i think things is gonna be better and easier for her)
Xun-Soon soon li li pass his interview and get the job in manila
mich-Properity for her new bizz/shop
Samantha-i think she finished her studies so i wish her enjoy her life
via-Soon soon li li further her studies to kl and enjoy her life there
Leanor- All the best and hope she enjoy life in Aussie
Sonia-Hope she has better health and hope she and meng teng 5 di sparks
chen-Healthy and finish her degree studies soon
shian- Healthy always and all the best for her studies
ning- Dunno wat she is up to recently but still hope she is always healty and happy
king- All the best for u and jesz~Haha cuz all i read bout u=u and jesz
wah- healthy always. All the best in ur studies
hung-All the best for ur new gal~all the best in ur studies
voi-All the best in ur studies and life in penang
jia yee-All the bnest in continueing studies in miri
Shi Yee-Hope she is not so flirty in the new year of 2009.(lols she will diu 7 me after seeing this post)
Jasmine-healthy always and enjoy her new married life~Hope she can a cute cute baby soon.
Agnes-Happy always and enjjoy her married life.
Ms Liew Li li-Hearlth always and her kid fai d bigger.
Abut-All the best in ur studies hope u enjoy ur uni life.
Christie-All the best for the relationship wth abut~!
Tming-healthy always. All the best in ur studies. More improvement.Dont be so soft~Lols~Nu ren~
jiun- health always and hope u graduate soon.
qing-Hope u graduate wth honour.
nyce- All the best~!
Johnny de ye ren-Jian jian kang kang~
Ky- All the best and hope she enjoys her life in Aussie
Saf-All the best hope u enjoy life wth ur princess
Alvin-Healty always and all the best in his biz
Sobo- Health always and hope he can find a thing to do after resting for a short while
Hong-Look forward to new life!dun look back~
Kid- Ne4w year of 2009 no betting liaw lor~!!Soon soon li LI!Hope ur wife and ur kid~Good good and hope ur kid faster big lor~
Tang- Hope u and ur family all good good
Kancil-All the best in ur studies
Xiao pi lung-Counqer miri black market~@
Ah Ing- properity always and hope u get married soon~HeHe
Faisul- Gain high grade in k5
Ah pin- Healthy always and all the best
Lakia-All the best~!

All IBC Coullueges
All the best in the new year of 2009~All the best~!Aim For better Bonus~!Huat ah!

Wah ter long guo liaw tou ah the family and friend list. If it happens that i missed out some 1 dun be sad ok? cuz the list too long maybe i will missed out some1. If i really do missed out u,pls let me kno by leaving msg at my chat box. Once again~Happy new year to all of u ~and lets wish the year 2009 is a heng heng lai de year ok? Lastly,I wish god hears my prayer and grants me for what i wished for all of my frens here~thank you. All the best~

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