Friday, October 31, 2008


Days passes so fast, i think its already 3 days since last i blogged, finally got some time sitting down in front of my lap top to think of something to blogged about. Suddenly i found this 2 pic where its shown below its kinda dark however i would like to share it wth u all. Depends how much u can see through the pic as its kinda dark. So here it goes:

The 2 dark below is a night club i went at vietnam on the 2nd day i reach here. Its situated in district 1 of Ho CHi Minh city. ON tat particular nite, we received a random call asking all of us to attend a party at tat nite club to celebrate the birthday 2 of our important ppl in our dept, whereby 1 of them is my cousin. Did wat they told, after work we took a taxi downtown to that night club. After bout half hour of taxi, we finally reached that place, to my suprise its a night club situated in hotel. But I feel a bit excited as i finally got chance to try what taiwan ppl always say go to hotel~(In chinese is shang jiu dian). The party that nite was nice enjoyed it as all treatment are VIP. Oh Yeah The name of that night club was Cat Walk.

Another thing my pic below, since the 1st day i blog, i realised that i never had a pic posted. Just a little 1 at the about me section thinking it was time for me to upload some but not in the mood to camwhore so simply uploaded 1 pic that can be found in this lap top and it is this pic. HAha.....Wait i got the mood to camwhore then will upload my latest pic foru all to see..Haha

No More Bullshit come see this 3 pic below: I wonder how much u all can see through tat dark pic. Nvm a chance for u all to imagine hw VIP clubbing looks like haha..However will try do some explanation on the pic..

Randome selected pic of mine take on the new year eve 31/12/07

A stage in the night club for performers to sing and
at a special hours, gals will line up 1 line on the stage for
ppl to bid on prices for their hours. The Highest Bid get her! Haha

A pic taken from the 2nd floor VIP room where the party took place

i found it nice as it a view from 2nd floor. But seems dark. Once

again Imagine......


ace blogging about Cat Walk Vietnam

Monday, October 27, 2008

My new table

A view of my new table with my lap top and cooling pad on it

A view of my computer toble wth my lap top on it only
After hoping for almost 1 month i finally got this table~Imagine from the day i came here, i use my laptop on my bed? and its like almost 1 month ady? haha finally here come this table which 1 would be feelin more than grateful for having it. Knowing from the 1st day tat my room dont have a table i had been thinkin to buy 1 but guess wat? i dunno where got buy table and the language problem i dun speak vietnamese its like omg for me! am i gonna use my lap top on my bed forever? Back to this table, i really like to thanx my housemate or can consider my senior of my company for requesting this table for us, which i think he actually need it himself also~ However i think this computer table is really a need for me and biao(My roomate). But soon i think we would change another tale that is more suitable for our room which looks more longer de. Wait i take pic ady show u all~
Lace blogging about his new computer table

27/10/08 Luxurios life of expats in our company

Gucci Store at nite

yeah! An off day for me today after a bz day on sunday there was lots of matcges wtf! Damn happy last nite slacking around till today 5am gmt +8 then slept till 4pm gmt+8 so suang! slept for so many hours since its an off day...felt ter suang guo liaw tou can sleep soundly no need to worry about the alarm clock ringing! Really is guo tou suang ah! Hmmph let me see wat am i gonna share wth u guys today~~Hmmph~~ Ok...I will share a fenomena that can widely seen throughout the whole company. This is how the story goes:

Since the 1st day i arrived in this company, its widely to be seen that all expats that works here tends to wear luxurious stuff such as LV bag, Gucci Bags, CK jeans, Moschino and armani jeans. Ive started thinking y they all behave like tat? At the end i get a conclusion that, maybe they behave like tat cuz since we all as expat wont gonna buy a car or a house here since we are here all purely for work. After all the hard work and the pay we get, the only way to satisfy us is buy using all those luxurious item. That we can always bring it, or wear it everyday as an representation of status.Imagine all expats who works here all are using whole body luxurios items its like u cant go to work wthout a piece of it on ur body. LoLs. Since the day i got here, ive been so into Gucci, u can call me Gucci freak now a days, wait i go HK i will go to buy another Gucci Bag! CAll me Gucci Boy~! Wuakaka.
So let me do some introduction of Gucci:

The House of Gucci, better known simply as Gucci, is an Italian iconic fashion and leather goods label. It was founded by Guccio Gucci (1881 – 1953) in Florence in 1921. Gucci is considered one of the most famous, prestigious, and easily recognizable fashion brands in the world. The House of Gucci belongs to the French conglomerate company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR).
Gucci generated circa US$7.7 billion worldwide of revenue in 2007 according to BusinessWeek magazine and reconfirmed it 46th position of the previous year in the magazine's annual "Top 100 Brands" chart. For this reason Gucci is the second biggest-selling fashion brand after LVMH. Most importantly Gucci is the biggest-selling Italian brand in the world. Gucci operates about 425 stores worldwide and it wholesales its products through franchisees and upscale department stores.


lace blogging about luxurious life of expats after shower on an off day~

Friday, October 24, 2008


Dear frens,

Few days ady since last blogging huh? Nw here im back. A normal morning, shud be my sleeping time but a striking waking up today by and award nightmare. Its like wtf im chase by bunch of gangster till need to hide inside the drain till they go away i baru come out? Its like wtf what my life got to do wth gangsterism since im working at here? Damn Awkful? Belive it or not? Believe it!

Lace blogging after a shocking wake up by nightmare~ Wtf!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

18/10/08 My Accomodation in Vietnam

In a mood to blog today since i managed to transfer the pics in my phone into my lap top might as well uploading it to my blog and share it to every1. Haha will do explaination along the way ...
So here it goes:
This is the balconny of our unit
An overall view of the interior part of the apartment
The Toilet
This is my bedroom! see my lap top? Haha
An overall glance outside of my apartment

This is the maindoor of my aparment

so hows it?seems quite nice rite? i think this apartment is better than imperial hotel back in miri Haha...but it really is my very own opinion...whats ur though about it?leave me msg

Lace blogging about his apartment in vietnam

Friday, October 17, 2008

17/10/08 My 1st Scary Meeting

Dear Frens,

It has been days since i last write. Been having trouble to find interesting to blog. Although i write today but so sorry i still can find any interesting topic But i would like to share about my life today. Time passes so fast, its 17 today and its already half a month since the day i came to work on the 1st oct. Ive been living routine working for 17 days Hahah how amazing~! Today nth much happen when the clock struck 2pm gmt +7 i woke and get ready and went to company to work. Nth much happened everything is as usual until 6.30PM..

Wallace! Biao! (who is my working mate who came from miri together) come! shouted one of my another coulluege. Wth no 2nd doubt we quickly stand up and follow him thinking its was dinner time as we always have our dinner at this hour. When we reach ground floor of our company, i discovered that he isnt walking to the way of the dining room but to the conference room. Realising this i quickly ask him Jacky, are u walking to the wrong way? As he really seems to be walking into the conference room. No he replied we are going for a meeting. Knowing this i was like shocked and unprepared and i was like wtf~we are called into meeting? arent we too new for a meeting? i was thinking did us do something wrong? Wah the feeling really is kin teo dao..... Back to the conference room. The room is really decorated nicely as usual mostly these kind of room and nicely decorated and most important thing the aircond really is strong guo liaw tou. Siting inside wht the kinteo feeling after few minute the chairman who chairs this meeting come, greets us and start this meeting. After the purpose of this meeting has been declared, i really cools me down a lot~ haha Actually we are called to meeting becuz a special task is assigned to us wth a deadline of 3 weeks. Omg...really white white scared 1 round.Translate it into chinese Haha.Never thought of my 1st meeting experience will be so scary..Omg. Thats all for my 1st meeting experience. Ive better go sleep earlier as tomolo there is another meeting to attend to discuss about how to tackle the task given as the due date is 3 weeks. I better be prepared to solve it wth my dear working mate~ So Long~~For today

Lace blogging after kena scared by 1st time meeting~HaHA

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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15/10/08 Marriage Life Before And After

wah few days jor since last post been v bz wth my work. After duty i will 5 5 lye on my bed and quickly get enough rest to prepare for tomolo de duty jor..wuakaka. Today i would like to share wth u all and interesting forward msg sent to me by my fren. So here is how it goes:
Marriage Life Before and After !!
Before marriage, 'Darling here.. darling there...'
After marriage, Baling here... baling there..
Before marriage, 'I die for you. . .'
After marriage,'You die, up to you. 'Lagi lama married,'You want to die I help you!'
Before marriage, 'You go anywhere. . I follow you.'
After marriage, 'You go anywhere. . up to you .'Lagi lama married, 'You go anywhere better get lost!!'
Before marriage,'you are my heart, you are my love'
After marriage,'you get on my nerves. '
Before marriage, 'you are sweet and kind just like Cinderella'
After marriage,'you are worse than godzila'
Before marriage,'Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I'm stuck with you' After marriage,'Roses are dead, I am blue. You get on my head, I will sue you' Before marriage,Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La.
After marriage,You want to go, he says 'you wait-la' Before marriage,She looks like Anita SarawakAfter marriage,Don't know whether katak or biawak

Friday, October 10, 2008

A turning point in my life in the age of 21 year 2008

It has been 10 days since i accepted the offer to serve as info analysis and broacast officer in Sports Marketing Software Services. It has been 10 days since i came to vietname as i arrived here on the 30th sept and start working on the 1st oct. As expected i have been living a very routine life since i came to work. Everyday i wake up at 2pm cuz my shift time is on 3pm-11pm msian time. After getting up, i take half hour to get ready then i walk to company for a lunch then start working. After 11pm i will walk home to my apartment provided the company and get showered then fast fast open my lap top and start dating my lap top. Usually i will just lvling a while, chat wth some fren, watch a couple of movies when its 3am, its time for me to go sleep. This goes on and on days after days. Ive been living a v routine life compared back to life in miri where i only sleep wake up and play then go sleep then the same thing continues. When i think back, I really live a more meaningful life as im starting to earn money on my own not to say life in miri scuks but when compared, i think time passes more fast as at here my time is really occupied. Nw i really can understand why day off or time to rest is so important for ppl who are working. So i guess its time to for me to say bye to time that i enjoy playing at miri and start trying to be a man that have a strong shoulder to earn money for my family. hmmph its time for me to play game after tat rest ady.. All the best for me~ Jia you Oh LacE!

Lace bloggin at vietnam~Haha

In the memorial of 9th Sep 2008

9/10/08 In the memorial of Mr. Sim Poh Chang my dearest ah gong.
(Felt sorry when thinking back about it cuz i only have this only pic of for posting and still i need to steal it from my sis(Ah Gal) de blog) Really sorry....

Today as usual after off duty went back to apartment wash up myself then lye on my bed dating my lap top finding things to do...but time passes slowly its nw 2.55am after a series, i opened blog and see my friends blog. But after i saw my sis's post regarding my grandfather, it really makes me feel like wanna post this blog, although its a bit late but i still hope to have this post it up as a token of memorandom as He will never come back........
Words to Ah Gong,
Like wat a gal said,
i wont see u watering the plants or drinking coffee outside when i drive pass anymore...
i wont see u sitting at the corner of the living room everytime i enter anymore...
i wont see u being excited talking bout ppl's new car, new shoes, new clothes anymore.....
My special memory about us will be u shouting at me and ah how for playing around wth a tennis ball and hit it wth a tennis racquet on grassland of our house in miri and almost hit u and u shouted PuKiTiang at us 2 tat is the incidident that i take it as a sweet memory and i remember till today.
Back to the days u were sick,
I really had the preparation from the day u fall sick but i really din kno it will be soon...During ur funeral, i tried to be strong my self by not to cry and tried to help during ur funeral as i kno its gonna be ur last way through this world, but i still cant hold my tears when u went through ur last last last way throught this world into the crematorial..I do ever think where u will go after all this but i really cant doubt it....but deep in my heart i still hope u get the after life as said in the bibble.
Thinking back of the night tat i took care of u at the hospital wth ah shian, i really feel good about it that at least i did something for u as at tat time no 1 ever kno it will be the last time........once again like ah gal said, y u din manage to do it? issit cuz all of cuz came to see u already? or issit u really cant manage to get over this time? after receiving the new ur really recovering on saturday y cant u manage to get over it? or issit like chinese ppl said issit a reflection? Deep in my heart, i really in way am i suppose to think....issit a good way to let u go as i really cant bear to see u suffer. Every time u sighs, my heart is like cut by a knife. To me, i really feel lucky that i took the responsibility to take care of as it makes me feel no regret as i wouldnt have any such chances already as ah gong there is only 1 and he has go......Or shud i say thanks ah gong for giving me such chance to pui u through ur last journey on earth? or thank for giving me a life wth no regret as least i did my xiao xin to u....thanks~ ah gong...No matter how, i think human cant fight fate,age, and god. i will only find a way out by thinking u went to a place tat have a life better than life on earth...Since u have decided to go, we as grandchildren will always keep u as memorial in the deepest part of our heart and never ever will forget bout u...
Once again R.I.P Ah Gong~
Muakz wth love iternity
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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Just a normal day for me today, a working day. Suppost to wake up at 2pm msia time but woke up earlier this morning as i just moved into a new room and was sleeping on a new bed which cant get use to it tats y cant sleep well last nite Beside, the IT staff of the apartment came and rang the door bell. I went to open the door and he told me he wants to intstall the switch he just bought for me. So long for the reason i wake up early today. And Guess wat? DO u kno how much is the price of the switch? Its 400k++ Dong~ Wtf~~feel so rich ~Wuakaka...As usual when time comes, i g9ot changed then went to office but today its quiet an easy and boring day cuz there are no football matches today so i just sat in the office monitor some odds, surfing web, but it really is boring so i started to write for today post~So long for nw...dunno wat to say somemore. wait i go back apartment to check my laptop to see wether there is any other nice pic tat i can post to further elaborate.

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My First and Last Mid Autumn festival wth my dear miri frens

Omg my god! I think im addicted to blogging at least for this moment thanx to chen wahwah and tekmingting. Ive been lvling lc while waiting the time to sleep but my head non stop thinking of how to start off wth this blog and how to make it a habbit to blog lastly i thought of wat tekmingting said blog using pictures which is more interesting and easy for lazy bump like us. Haha..k tats all for feelings sharing..back to the pic, this is the pic taken during mid autumn festival year 2008. Its quite a memorable nite for me as its the first time ive been celebrating this festival wth my frens and it would be last..hmmph for at 1 or 2 years as i will be departing miri to work at vietnam. Besides, there sumthing that happen to me during this celebration as i think all of my frens will kno and it was i done my man's last sword during this period~haha. A secret but not a secrets to my dear frens. Thanx to wahwahdewahwah.
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My Virgin blog

Hi guys this is the 1st time i blog so this time can say i my virgin blog never thought of blogging been influenced by my miri fren considered to try dunno wat to write today so might as well share wth u all a song tat i think its meaningful at least to me~Pls see the lyrics and feel wth u heart see will u feel ur heartbeat or not~wuakaka. Felt like tat the 1st time i listen to this song.
So here goes the song.


Haiz Really is my feeling any coup wth me?

Wah so early jor 1.25am GMT +7 im still here adicted any trying out ways to blog....zzz hmmph till here for this blog i will try to find out how to make interested blog in the future MuaKZ! take all

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