Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi My dear Readers,
Accidently opened my then saw the last post i was like omg really long time no update ady. Lols~ Ok lar at here update a bit lar. But then still the same old me dunno where to start and wat to blog about.

After stopped for so long, i still dunno wat to blog about. Ok i will talk about my life.
Hmmph nth much about my working life. So damn Routine and robotic until a bit scary.
Nth to worry about. Non Stop working~ Wat else?
Oh. Gotta go town in 2 days to get my LV card holder~ Woots~ tat something to be happy about.~
Wat else~ Oh ~ Waiting for my iphone gotta fly kl soon for few days to take it~ Other than that~
omg work~ Routine~ Boring~ hahah
ok gotta get back to fcuking work So Long~
take k all Readers~

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